Mascista is a creative studio with focus in animation.

We develop and produce content for the film, TV, and commercials industry. It is our goal to produce high quality animation, that is both successful as an art form and commercial communication tool. Furthermore, it is our aim to explore creative opportunities in the film market. We are always working to enhance our technical expertise, improve the quality of our work and produce imaginative animation that has vision and heart. We strive to make new collaborations with creative minds so please feel free to contact us. We'd like to use this website to showcase our work and share our creative passion.

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Doll Ident

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Panos Xenakis


Demitris Delinikolas

Original Music

Ilias Pantoleon

Music Production

Panagiotis Delinikolas

CG Supervisor

Dimitris Liatsos


Harry Wilke


Leonidas Koufalis


Stefanos Chachamidis

Α non profit work simply driven by our admiration of the doll and of animated art. Created by our own Panos Xenakis.

Meet the team
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Konstantinos Demis was born in Athens, Greece. He studied Animation and Product Design and worked for over a decade in the field of Animation, as an Art Director, and Animation Director. He stared working in 1999 as an 3d artist/ Art Director in various Production Companies creating visuals for high Profile TVC's, Films, Events, and Station ID's. While freelancing he also took part in various Art Exhibitions, creating Paintings, Video Art and installations. In 2008, he took part in creating the collective Play Studio, a group of 7 talented visual artists. In 2009, he co-founded THESE Animation Studio.


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Voutsina 60, Cholargos
155 61, Athens, Greece

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