Mascista is a creative studio with focus in animation.

We develop and produce content for the film, TV, and commercials industry. It is our goal to produce high quality animation, that is both successful as an art form and commercial communication tool. Furthermore, it is our aim to explore creative opportunities in the film market. We are always working to enhance our technical expertise, improve the quality of our work and produce imaginative animation that has vision and heart. We strive to make new collaborations with creative minds so please feel free to contact us. We'd like to use this website to showcase our work and share our creative passion.

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The Lego Movie Melting Room

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This is one out of many animations we created for The Lego Movie product line.

Meet the team
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Simos was born in Athens,Greece, where he studied Animation and Graphic Design. He was interested in art from quite early on, continuously experimenting with graffiti and music, while working in a tattoo studio. It was not until after his graduation in 2003 that his experimenting started taking form through his work in various creative fields including architecture, graphic design, 3d and animation. Over the last seven years he had the chance to work as an animator, designer, 3d artist, editor, compositor and director in numerous projects including but not limited to award winning tv commercials and short films, video presentations, and theatrical plays. This plethora of projects led him to cofound "Redneck" animation studio while closely collaborating with "These" animation studio, formally housing all of his activities. In conjunction with his visual work he has been steadily creating and producing hip hop influenced beats.


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Voutsina 60, Cholargos
155 61, Athens, Greece

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